Estriol for Women

The Importance of Estriol in a Woman’s Body

The body produces three types of estrogen: estrone, estradiol, and estriol. Estriol has been considered as the weakest type of estrogen for years, but the fact that it is so weak is one of its best advantages. Other types of estrogen can be dangerous if too much is present, while estriol does little to nothing of increasing the risk of developing cancer.

If it’s weak, why use it?Woman Confused

Just because it’s weaker than the other estrogen types doesn’t mean that it’s ineffective. While estriol has been shown to help reduce menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes, it also provides positive benefits that help your body with bone density, urinary tract health, and preservation of your cardiovascular systems.

And when it comes to hormone replacement, estriol has some unexpected benefits over the other types of estrogen. Some women choose to refrain from hormone replacement therapy because, in the past, it has been linked to certain health conditions, most notably breast cancer.

Estriol has been tested and shown to treat the symptoms of menopause without increasing the risk of breast cancer. While estriol may be considered weaker than its other estrogen counterparts, the others may actually be a bit too strong, which can cause complications, while estriol is just strong enough to provide all of the benefits of estrogen without fear of any of the complications. Extended use of estriol has actually created an improved estrogenic effect, which makes estriol even more effective.

Several other complications that can come with estrogen treatments are avoided entirely through estriol use, such as blood clots, atrophy of the vagina, and urinary tract infections. Estriol can provide relief from menopausal symptoms without risk of these harmful side effects.

Is it really safe?

Estriol is the safest type of estrogen there is. Studies have shown that women with higher levels of estriol in comparison to the other types of estrogen have as much as a 58 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer. This is because estriol is the only type of estrogen that does not stimulate breast cells, so it makes cancer less likely.

Increasing your levels of estriol can not only relieve the symptoms of menopause while keeping other parts of your body healthy, it can actually reduce your chance of developing cancer. It’s not only safe, it’s actually beneficial to use.

Creams and pills are the most common forms of estriol supplements. Creams are much steadier in their delivery, since pills will have to deal with how well the liver and digestive systems are functioning at the time of ingestion.