Fresh Prepared Meal Plans

Fresh Prepared Meal Plans

Making dinnerIf you are on the hunt for a healthier way to eat without having to worry about counting calories or rushing to find time to cook, our meal plans might be just what you are looking for!

Medical Weight Loss of Colorado now brings you fresh meal options that offer supreme nutrition, are low in calories and fat, and taste great. You won’t need to worry about counting calories with the help of our personalized plans. All of our delicious meals come pre-proportioned, and prepared locally by a company right here in Denver. Our meals are not only for singles, however. We strive to build great nutritional plans around you and your family both. As a bonus, all of our fresh meals are ready in less than three minutes – helping you spend less time cooking and offer you more time to share with your loved ones.

Our fresh prepare meals are only available to patients in the Denver area. This is an exclusive program!

Our meals are easily affordable, allowing you to be able to eat healthy while not burning a hole in your wallet.

Enjoy the perks of having a professional gourmet chef set you up with a perfect meal plan to fit your needs and budget.

Our daily meal categories include:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks

The Ordering and Pickup Process

  • Pick up your meals at any of our 4 locations in Colorado.
  • All orders must paid in advance.
  • All orders must be submitted by noon on Friday.
  • All meals will be delivered by the end of the day Monday.
  • An email or text will be sent to you once your meals are available for pick up.

Fresh Meals by a ChefBreak from the Protein Shakes and Enjoy Real Food

Several weight loss supplements out on the market today are designed to curb your appetite by simply filling you up. Many of these ‘replacement meals’ come in the form of a shake or a protein bar which is not satisfying at all to a lot of us. The meals that we offer are different because you will actually eat real food that is fresh and never frozen – no shakes or bars required, either!

Our professional chef-prepared meals strive to bring you quality in all our well-crafted meals. We only offer foods that are high in flavor and low in calories and fat. Our chefs stick within the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart to make sure that we only deliver you the healthiest cuts of meat, whole grains, and fresh cut vegetables.

Let’s face it, no one is overly excited to eat fake food. We want natural, fresh meals that are both healthy and delicious. This is your chance to get on the right track of health eating and try us today!

Quick and Healthy Meals for Busy People

So many of us today are so busy with work and other activities, that it can often become insanely difficult to plan out a proper meal every day of the week. It’s not just the cooking part that is time consuming, though. Having to rush through the grocery store to find dinner for tonight or even the following week can be bothersome for someone who leads a busy life. You might even grab a few unhealthy treats along the way before heading to the checkout. If you don’t have time for grocery shopping, you might find yourself in the drive thru line for fast food.

The best part about our delicious and fast dishes is that we strive to bring you nothing but top quality choice in meals prepared by a professional chef, packed, and delivered straight to your door. This knocks out the stress of finding enough time to have a wholesome breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Pick Up Directly at The Clinic

Doctor with patientAfter you talk to our resourceful dietitian and build a perfect meal plan tailored just for you, you can start on your weekly delicious program. All of our meals come in individually sealed trays that are well proportioned and fresh.

Your scrumptious weeks’ worth of food will arrive at any of our clinics of your choosing. All you need to do is drop on by and pick them up, and they’re good to go.

Just store the individual meals in your refrigerator – whether at home or at work. The plastic trays are microwavable- making your healthy and delicious meals handy for people who don’t have a lot of time.  In only three minutes, you will enjoy a flavorful meal that is both filling and satisfying.

Fresh Meals

$ $9-11.00 Per Meal

  • Healthy for Weight Loss
  • As low as $9.00 Per Meal
  • Cooked By Gourmet Chefs
  • Heat up Within Minutes
  • Direct Clinic Pick-Up

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Dietitian Support

$ 99.99 Per Month

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Cooking Classes

$ Variable per group

  • Group Classes
  • Learn from The Best
  • Small Group: 3-5 People
  • Large Group: 8-15 People
  • Call for Pricing

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