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What is the Zone Diet?

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  • What is the Zone Diet?

    The Zone diet is a plan that focuses on balancing the foods you eat in order to get your hormones under control, both to aid in weight loss and in improving your overall health. The theory behind this diet is that controlling the food that you eat can help control your hormones, and it does not promise fast or easy weight loss, but a gradual change into better health and better body composition.

    The diet uses 3 meals per day with 2 snacks in between, and doesn’t officially ban any food or group; however, keep in mind that your daily calories are limited - 1200 a day for women and 1500 a day for men. Every meal you eat should adhere to a 30/30/40 percentage split between protein, fat, and carbs respectively.

    This diet also places importance on when you eat. The meals and snacks are specifically placed to help you avoid feeling hungry, and you are to eat within an hour of waking up each day. Further, you should never go more than 5 hours without eating on this diet, and one of your snacks should be saved for just before sleeping.

    There is no specific exercise routine suggested for this diet, but moderate, consistent exercise is recommended to see the full effects.