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What is PAGG?

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  • What is PAGG?

    PAGG, also known as the PAGG stack, is a very specific type of dieting that involves using certain types of supplements at certain times, such as before meals or at specific times of the day. It is also combined with a diet that features very strict rules and boats about its ‘slow carb’ meal plans.

    The four supplements used in the PAGG stack are what make up its initials: Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea extract, and Garlic extract. Some PAGG stack sellers may also suggest adding a B-vitamin to the mix.

    Each ingredient is chosen for a specific reason, but this reasoning is also why the PAGG stack may be too complex for its own good - each singular ingredient can already offer benefits to someone looking to lose weight, and may be used to address specific problems. Additionally, the PAGG stack plan takes a long time to work, and it may be a bit overwhelming for someone just starting to try to lose weight. It involves changing your diet significantly while also using a large number of supplements - generally, just the diet change or intelligent supplement use may be enough to get started.

    However, the PAGG stack may be more useful for people who have gotten accustomed to a weight loss routine and could use an extra push to achieve their goals. While it is complicated and involves an almost ritual-like adherence to using certain supplements at certain times, the ingredients and diet chosen may offer great results if followed closely.

    Any side effects of using the PAGG stack plan would be associated with the individual supplements used as part of the routine.