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  • African Mango

    African Mango

    African mango is the common name of a fruit that typically grows in West Africa – Irvinigia gabonensis. It is a fleshy fruit that houses a large nut inside – and the extract from this nut has been used as an effective weight loss supplement.

    Unlike other appetite-suppressing supplements, African mango has had no negatives effects associated with its use. In fact, it has been a staple as part of a diet for many people in Nigeria and Cameroon for centuries – these people who consume African mango as a large part of their diet are typically slim and much less likely to have cardiovascular disease. There is, however, one side effect that has been reported by some people who have stated to use African mango as a supplement – an increased libido.

    Studies done to test the effects of African mango have shown it has the potential to improve your body weight and body fat, and reduce your waist size. The benefits of African mango are not limited to weight loss, either. It has been shown to have significant improve on heart health, showing improvements to plasma levels, reduction in ‘bad’ cholesterol, increase in ‘good’ cholesterol, glucose levels, leptin levels, adiponectin, and C-reactive proteins. These studies have shown that people who take 150mg of African mango seed extract twice per day have lost up to 10 pounds without making any other lifestyle changes.

    However, African mango makes it much easier to make lifestyle changes. While it has benefits for your heart health and ability to lose weight naturally, its most notable feature is how it helps to suppress your appetite. By reducing your appetite, African mango helps you lose additional weight by reducing how many calories you take in daily. If you have difficulty controlling your cravings for food, African mango can help to control your appetite and make it easier to pick smaller, healthier meals.

    African mango is not a miracle supplement, though. When used alone, without making diet or lifestyle changes, it does not seem to offer further benefits beyond the initial weight loss – though the improvements to heart health are also worth considering. However, African mango may be helpful to begin changing your diet, as it can keep your appetite down and ease you into a smaller dietary routine.

    When looking for African mango, make sure the product you are buying contains IGOB131. Some supplements may claim to contain African mango, without actually having it.

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    From what I've read the African mango does have many benefits. I'm considering recommending the supplements to some of my friends who have been wanting to lose weight and needed an additional boost to help them in proceeding. They are going to the gym, but not as often as they should, but in the mean time if they take a supplement in addition to working out, that would benefit them a great deal.