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HCG Dangers

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  • HCG Dangers

    The HCG diet has been the source of controversy. One side says it is the most effective diet in recent memory, while another side claims that the HCG diet is actually dangerous to use. It may even provide inadequate nutrition for your body.

    HCG itself is not considered to be particularly dangerous. It’s a natural hormone that seems to interact fairly safely with your body, although it is typically associated with pregnancy. Side effects seem to include bleeding, blood clots, and infections, but at an infrequent rate. It may also cause headaches or depression. It it also theorized that the hormone itself does very little to contribute to actual weight loss, and is simply sold as the secret ingredient in a danger, insufficient diet.

    Having a diet that doesn’t meet your body’s needs is dangerous, and using a hormone to keep you from realizing your body’s needs could make the diet dangerous. When your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs from food, it starts looking for places where it can take it from - this search usually results in your body breaking down parts of your vital organs to fuel itself. In some cases, the results of this could be fatal - whether or not the HCG diet lasts long enough for this to happen is up for debate, but it is a risk nonetheless.

    Essentially, opponents of the HCG diet argue that the hormone does little, and most of the weight lost is simply because of the near-starvation diet. Diets like this are typically poor because any weight lost is usually regained after the diet is over, though many people who have used the diet claim that they have kept the weight off.