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My name is Valerie Smaldone. I am the Director of FitPharm at Medical Weight loss of Colorado. 

What is so exciting and unique about Medical Weight Loss of Colorado?

It’s our FitPharm program!

We take a holistic approach to weight loss that will not only help you achieve but maintain your goals. 

Our medically supervised, online dietitian support, one on one and outdoor group fitness classes are something that separates us from other weight loss programs out there. We go the extra mile just for you!

The foundation of FitPharm is to educate and empower individuals on better eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

The program puts emphasis on your importance as an individual, teaching you how to exercise using nothing but your own body weight – saving you both time and money.

It’s a great feeling to be able to workout without having to buy expensive equipment, or if you’re unable to hit the gym, or would like to workout outside.

The program is not intended to replace a gym – but to act as a supplement by educating you on proper technique, form, and posture. 


  • Worked as a Certified Laser Specialist for 3 years
  • Received state certification at Rocky Mountain Laser College
  • Specialized in Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Skin Tightening and Body Sculpting

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The FitPharm program really is a one of a kind program.

No other fitness program is able to provide both medical support and fitness together, in addition to providing outstanding lifestyle education, one-on-one training, and outdoor group fitness classes.

As the director of FitPharm, I am here to help people create a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. 

Empowering and educating individuals to set and achieve their weight loss goals is my number one priority, and the FitPharm program enables me to connect, evaluate, and improve on each individual that participates through the program.

I was born and raised in Colorado. As a result, I have been surrounded by the healthy and active lifestyle present here.  It has encouraged a passion within me to achieve an optimal healthy state of wellness for myself, and because of this passion I have devoted my life to helping those around me.

I graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a Bachelor’s of Science in Holistic Health, Wellness, and Nutrition.  I realized during this time that our health and wellness lies within our own hands but for many that knowledge or accessibility is difficult to find. 

I have always been very physically active whether taking gymnastics and dance classes, running track or participating in several half marathon or 10k races in Colorado.

I knew the importance of physical fitness and staying active.  Teaching group fitness and one on one classes was an obvious continuation of sharing my passion.

I have been teaching group fitness classes in Littleton, Colorado for 6 years.  I have a knowledge of Pilates, Yoga, Bootcamp, and HIIT/ Tabata fitness.  I have also worked one on one with numerous people.

Helping with weight loss, making healthy changes and achieving those goals in their lives.

Being able to combine my knowledge of nutrition and fitness has allowed me the opportunity to help and educate.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you change your life. Be the best that you can be!

Valerie Smaldone

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