My Zone Heart Rate Monitor

MYZONE® is a chest strap and monitoring system that transmits heart rate, calories and effort in real time to a live display and wirelessly uploads that data to a logbook that can be accessed online.

The HIIT workouts are designed with your heart rate in mind and motivated by your heart rate. 

The My Zone heart rate monitor will display at all times during the HIIT workout classes.  It will display whether you are working at a resting heart rate, at a mild activity heart rate, a “fat burning” heart rate or the high intense aerobic or cardio heart rate.  During the “High” portion of your HIIT workout you will be driving your heart rate to that cardio rate for the 20-40 seconds then bringing down your heart rate to that resting or mild activity heart rate.

Using a heart rate monitor is very simple.

The most effective monitor measures your heart rate just like an electrocardiogram (ECG) the transmitter detects electrical activity. This activity is relayed to a graphic display. Helping you to motivate you to exercise.

The goal with the My Zone Heart Rate monitor is to shorten the time it takes your heart to return to normal or resting after your spike in intensity and after your workout is complete.

Using a heart rate monitor can and will help to boost your fitness level.

MyZone Informational Video

MYZONE® is the only exercise tracking system in the world that is able to provide real-time feedback of exercise intensity as well as wirelessly upload exercise data that has been stored, making the technology simple and convenient for everyone to use.