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FitPharm Fitness Classes

When looking to improve your fitness, there are many different routes to take.  Not all workouts are created equally, and any type you pick will focus on different aspects of your fitness, and may even specialize in different areas entirely.

In order to provide you with the best fitness options possible, we offer several different styles of fitness classes.  This allows patients to find a workout program that works best for them, and allows you to focus your workout time in the area that will be most effective for you.FitPharm Gym Banner

Boot Camp

Group Doing BootcampBoot camp classes get their name from their similarity to basic military training, and make use of larger groups of people for both motivation and competition.  Boot camp courses make use of a wide range of physical activities, from weight lifting, basic cardio, high intensity interval training, push-ups and sit-ups, to head-to-head competitions and sports that encourage and improve general levels of fitness.  Because of this, boot camp classes are best used for losing fat and increasing stamina, though improvements to strength are another benefit.

One of the main benefits of boot camp classes is the group aspect.  By incorporating groups –sometimes as small as pairs and sometimes as large as entire teams – boot camp classes allow patients a sense of team work and companionship in addition to the fitness benefits that are offered.  Because of this, people enrolled in boot camp classes may find it easier to stay motivated and keep pushing to reach their fitness goals, as well as allowing them to encourage and push others to do the same.

Boot camp classes can adjust to meet the fitness level of the patients involved, and thus can be advantageous to people of any level of expertise.  Boot camp classes are ideal for people looking to lose weight.  They are especially useful for people who have difficulty staying motivated while exercising alone.

Boot camp classes are designed to:

  • Provide a social aspect to workouts
  • Lose weight quickly
  • Improve stamina significantly
  • Increase strength
  • Give a sense of camaraderie


Group Doing YogaYoga is a powerful method of shaping the mind and body that has been in use for thousands of years.  While it is a type of meditation, yoga is also useful for improving upon your fitness, and offers a wide range of options that make it a good choice for people of varying levels of fitness.

Yoga makes use of both physical and spiritual exercises, helping to focus the mind while limbering the body.  These exercises manifest themselves in a large selection of different poses and stretches that push the body and locate sources of tension or constriction.  Once these sources are found, yoga classes seek to remove them, allowing for a much more flexible form. 

Our yoga classes incorporate thousand-year old techniques and poses, specifically selected for the level of fitness and expertise of the patients in any given class. 

Yoga classes are ideal for anyone looking to improve their flexibility, or anyone who wants to improve their ability to focus or concentrate during a workout.

Yoga classes are designed to:

  • Significantly improve flexibility and posture
  • Teach breathing techniques
  • Improve muscle and body control
  • Improve focus and concentration, even during intense workouts


Stretching on BarreBarre is a specialize type of workout originally used by dancers to build strength, stamina, and coordination.  Barre exercises make use of slow motions to prepare the muscles for a more intense routine.  It then follows these up with high-intensity, fast exercises that focus on certain areas in the body, allowing each section of the exercise to target specific groups of muscle.  Certain Barre routines focus more on flexibility than muscle strength, but all put some strain on your muscles and encourage fitness.

Barre courses involve a lot of movement and high intensity workouts, and every Barre exercise focuses on specific muscle groups through unique techniques.  Barre classes can be useful for both beginners and experts, as the level of intensity, duration of exercise, and fitness requirements can be adjusted based on the people in the course.

Barre classes are most useful for people looking to lose weight or build specific muscle areas quickly.

Barre classes are designed to:

  • Lose weight quickly
  • Significantly improve strength and stamina
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Build certain muscle areas quickly


Group Doing PilatesThe Pilates method is an all-around body conditioning style that has been in use for years.  It is considered to be one of the safest and most effective methods of shaping your body, and offers a great deal of versatility.

Unlike most workout programs that only make use of physical fitness, the Pilates method also incorporates exercises designed to strengthen the mind, and encourages good posture, controlled breathing, and other ways to influence your body to withstand a powerful workout without wearing down.  However, the Pilates method is still a potent fitness program for someone looking to sculpt their body – it is a comprehensive program that improves the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups, while also working to lower the tension in muscles and the strain on joints.

This method focuses on fluidity of movement, and makes use of specialized equipment to make performing these movements possible.  These movements make use of body strength, but also stress the need for concentration, control, and coordination – the range of movements used in this class varies greatly, allowing both newcomers and those with experience to benefit from these courses.

Pilates classes are ideal for both beginners and experts, and anyone looking to lose weight or sculpt their body.

Pilates classes are designed to:

  • Provide all-around improvements to fitness
  • Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Reduce joint and muscle stress, pain, and tension