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FitPharm is a unique, one-of-a-kind program created exclusively for our patients to incorporate fitness, nutrition and medical treatments. 

These treatments range from medical weight loss programs to hormone replacement therapy for men and women. 

While these three components are all important on their own, FitPharm brings them all together to offer a complete program outline to allow you to achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

One-on-One and Semi-Private fitness training is the heart of the FitPharm program, in addition to Outdoor Bootcamp training classes.

FitPharm is an accountability-driven and life changing program. Through our help and direction, FitPharm’s ultimate goal is togive you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need, so that you can leave our program and still be able to maintain a healthier you. 

We help you to avoid yo-yo dieting or feeling like appetite suppressants and inadequate meal plans are your only options. Come to FitPharm and let us show you a better way to reaching long-term, lasting goals. 

One-on-One Fitness Training

FitPharm’s One-on-One fitness training program offers our patients the freedom of working with our personal trainers. The One-on-One sessions are not cookie cutter classes. 

The program evaluates your current state of fitness, weight, diet, and nutritional levels to build a solid exercise plan to help you build a new foundation. Friends are invited to work out with you!

One-on-One Training

$ 75 per session

  • $75 Per Session
  • $750 for 12 Sessions (15% Savings)
  • Only available to active patients
  • Private Training
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Semi-Private Training

Do you work better with a small group of like-minded individuals who are within the same weight and health range as you? Have a friend you want to bring with you to training?

Our semi-private program puts you in with a small group of up to 4 people, and our trainers work with you on an individual and group level – much like our One-on-One fitness training.

Semi-Private Training

$ 40 per session

  • $40 Per Session
  • $175 for 5 Sessions
  • $300 for 12 Sessions
  • Only available to active patients
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Outdoor Boot Camp Classes

FitPharms outdoor boot camp classes make use of larger groups of people for both motivation and friendly competition.  

Our outdoor boot camp classes make use of a wide range of physical activities from basic cardio, high intensity interval training, push-ups, sit-ups, and using simple outdoor park benches and trails to make use of a solid fitness routine.

Outdoor Boot Camp

$ 20 Per Class

  • $20 Single Class
  • $75 for 5 Classes
  • $125 for 10 Classes
  • $240 for Unlimited Classes
  • Every Saturday Morning
  • Free AminoExtreme injection
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What To Expect When You Start FitPharm Classes

Smiling pair at gymFitPharm features a variety of fitness classes based on your personal level of fitness and overall health. This includes the popular HIIT (High Intensity Internal Training) program, Bootcamp (Group Fitness Classes), Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes.

Working with MyZone, a heart rate monitoring system, we will be designing classes to target your resting, working and max heart rates to maximize your workout and calorie burn.

Benefits of FitPharm

FitPharm is a structured program based on your individual eating habits, level of physical fitness and overall general health.

This is why we require such an in-depth look at who you are as a person.  By using the personal information you provide us with, FitPharm’s staff members can design a program specific to you and your goals.  After that time, you will be given your personal nutrition recommendations, which include daily calorie consumption, and daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate requirements.

FitPharm class performing yoga.The next level in FitPharm is fitness. Like with nutrition, our team provides recommendations for your ideal fitness and exercise routines, determined by your intake information.  

If you do not prefer large group training, we offer private classes that include one-on-one or small groups of two to four.


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Join the FitPharm weight loss program in Denver today by signing up below! If you have any questions or concerns about our program, we will be more than happy to answer them and provide you with even more information.

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