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Medical Weight Loss of Colorado Has Opened its Doors in Loveland

Medical Weight Loss of Colorado is proud to bring you our first satellite clinic, located in Loveland, Colorado.  

This location provides follow up services for our patients enrolled in our medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy programs.  Patients looking to enroll in hormone replacement or weight loss programs that require a controlled substance (such as phentermine or testosterone) must be seen in person at one of our locations in Denver first.  Once qualified for your program through one of our providers, you will be eligible for our telemedicine program.  We need to establish relationship with you in person at one of our locations in Denver before using our telemedicine program, but once you are qualified, our telemedicine program allows us to treat you as if you were sitting in the same room with one of our providers.

These satellite locations aren’t limited only to follow up patients. We understand that life can be hectic, and clearing your schedule, even for something as important as health care, can be difficult.  Because of this, we have chosen to bring our services closer to you through satellite locations.  These locations offer our signature line of Medical Weight Loss of Colorado products, including our top selling product, AminoSlim injections.  If these are the only types of services you are looking for, then there is no need to visit our Denver locations – our satellite clinic can provide these.  Visiting a Denver location is only necessary if you are looking for new appetite suppressant or hormone replacement therapy consultations.  However, we can treat follow up patients at these locations and provide prescription refills, blood draws, weekly injections or any of our other services that doesn’t require an initial visit with one of our providers.

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Proactive, Patient-First Health Care

Our patients always come first at Medical Weight Loss of Colorado – every plan we make keeps this in mind.  Our goal is to keep our prices affordable for you without having to sacrifice the quality of the care you receive.  You can expect professional health service from us that respects both your time and your wallet.

We believe in strong patient-physician relationships and do everything we can on our end to foster open communication and trust between our doctors and patients.  Every one of our patients deserves and is given the necessary time to identify, understand, and treat their conditions – and our doctors understand the importance of being caring, compassionate, private and discrete.

We offer programs and services aimed at men and women, and are specifically designed to treat patients on case-by-case basis.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormone replacement therapy is one of our most potent programs.  With a deep understanding of how hormones work, and how their delicate balance can have a large impact on your health, our doctors can create a plan to balance out your hormones and help you achieve a healthier life as a result.

Medical Weight Loss of Colorado and Low T Medical Clinic specializes in hormone therapy treatments.  We have a firm understanding that all hormones have importance and uses when it comes to health, and we have programs specific to both men and women to help balance your hormones and improve your overall levels of health.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Medical Weight Loss of Colorado offers customized weight loss programs designed for both men and women.

Losing weight is not always as simple as eating right and exercises – for too many people, it is an ordeal that seems insurmountable.  At Medical Weight Loss of Colorado, we provide the tools needed to help you understand what is keeping you from losing the weight you so desperately want to drop.  Anything from poor metabolism, hormonal imbalance, to lack of key parts in your nutrition could cause – or at least contribute – to an inability to lose weight. 

Our medical weight loss program is provided for people serious about losing weight and aims to discover the root of your problem so that it can be addressed directly.  We want to help you reach your weight goals, and our program goes a step further by educating you so that you can prevent your weight from ever becoming an issue again, even after you have finished using our program.FitPharm Banner

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction may only occur in men, but the damage it does to relationships and a man’s confidence can impact anyone.  If you or someone you know is suffering from erectile dysfunction, we encourage you them to have it treated immediately – our doctors understand how sensitive a matter erectile dysfunction can be, and use our expertise to treat it quickly and privately.

There are numerous causes for erectile dysfunction, and our treatments involve find the cause and fixing that, instead of throwing a miracle pill at you as a temporary fix.  It is a perfectly natural part of many men’s lives, and affects millions world-wide.  Do not feel too ashamed to come and get the help you need.

Years of Experience

Just because our clinic in Loveland is new doesn’t mean that our doctors are.   Medical Weight Loss of Colorado and Low T Medical Clinic actively seek out the best doctors across the country.  We house doctors who know how to put patients first while displaying exceptional talent in the field of medicine. 

But being highly trained and talented still isn’t enough for us.  Our doctors always further their educations, keeping up-to-date about the latest medical breakthroughs and techniques and are always on the lookout for any information that could most benefit you.

Contact Us Today

If you have health concerns, then don’t delay in contacting us.  We are ready to provide you with all the knowledge, expertise, and tools at our disposal to greatly improve your health and quality of life.  All that’s left is for you to contact us and get started.

You can get in touch with us by calling us at (844) 243-8754 or filling out the form to the right.  Don’t suffer any longer.  Contact us today.

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