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Medical Weight Loss of Colorado in Fort Collins, Colorado

The Low T Medical Clinic has come to Fort Collins, Colorado. With our clinics seeing success throughout the state of Colorado, we have opened another location in Fort Collins and surrounding locations.

With the goal of making a significant difference within the community and to help keep Colorado as one of the healthiest states in the nation, Medical Weight Loss of Colorado hopes to further strengthen the well-being of the Fort Collins community.

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Proactive, Patient-First Health Care

At Medical Weight Loss of Colorado, we always put patients first. Every plan we design and every action we take as part of them keeps you in mind, and respects your time, money, and quality of life. We pride ourselves on providing professional, high-quality health service that respects both your time and your wallet. We put our expertise to use to ensure that our health is the best it can be, without having to break the bank.

A strong patient-physician relationship is very important to us here at Medical Weight Loss of Colorado. We do everything in our power to foster open communication and trust between you and your doctor. Our belief is that every patient deserves personal care and consultation, and we always make sure our patients are given the necessary time to identify, understand, and treat their conditions. You are not a number to us – our doctors understand the importance of being caring and compassionate, while ensuring your health care is also private and discrete.

We offer programs and services aimed at both men and women, each of which is designed to treat every patient as a unique case.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

One of our premier programs is our hormone replacement therapy program. Our doctors have years of experience with treating hormone related problems and conditions, and possess an intricate understanding of how hormones work. Out doctors create plans with how delicate hormone balance can be in mind, and create precise, informed plans of action to have a large impact on your health, while minimizing the risk of side effects.

We have a deep understanding that all hormones are important to your health, and our programs are designed with this in mind, tailored to your individual levels.

Medical Weight Loss Program

Some people never struggle with weight, but for others, it can be a lifelong battle.  Some people believe that their weight problems simply cannot be overcome. Medical Weight Loss of Colorado is here to prove that a healthy life, and a healthy weight, is a goal anyone can achieve – some people just require a little help getting there.  We are proud to provide that help, and we have all the tools needed to address your weight issues, understand the underlying cause of them, and target exactly what needs to be targeted to get your weight under your control. 

Our plan doesn’t stop there, though.  While we want you to reach your weight goals, our program goes even further, by educating you so that you can prevent your weight from ever becoming an issue again, even after you have finished using our program.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction may be a common problem among men, but that doesn’t mean there is always an easy solution.  Our doctors understand that there are many different causes of erectile dysfunction, and we never try to throw a pill at it or provide a temporary solution – we seek to understand what causes it for you, and work to fix your erectile dysfunction by going directly to the source.  Whether a hormonal imbalance is to blame, or a lack of proper blood flow to where it needs to be, our doctors have the knowledge required to treat erectile dysfunction with the severity it deserves.  Whatever you do, do not feel too ashamed to come and get the help you need.

Years of Experience

Our clinic in Fort Collins may be new, but our doctors have years of experience under their belts.   Medical Weight Loss of Colorado actively hires the best doctors from across the country, and we ensure that our medical team knows how to put patients first, while still being able to show intimate knowledge and talent at practicing medicine. 

Being highly trained and talented is important to us, but we don’t stop there.  Our doctors still work to further their educations by keeping up-to-date about the latest medical breakthroughs, journals, and research.  We are always on the lookout for any new techniques or information that could be put to use to benefit our patient – you.


Contact Us Today

If you have health concerns, then don’t delay in contacting us.  We are ready to provide you with all the knowledge, expertise, and tools at our disposal to greatly improve your health and quality of life.  All that’s left is for you to contact us and get started.

You can get in touch with us by calling us at (844) 243-8754 or filling out the form to the right.  Don’t suffer any longer.  Contact us today.

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